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Dilwale film video mein

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The film was released in around 3100 screens in India. Meera issues an ultimatum that in order to marry Ishita, Veer must move in with Meera.

Arun's mother sits in front of a temple everyday with her back turned to God, only vowing to face God when hope comes. Arun reaches Sapna's mansion and clears the idea, however Mama sees this and tries to attack Arun. The soundtrack of the movie was composed by and the lyrics were by. Now in Goa, Veer and Ishita come up with several plots to bring Meera and Raj together. Arun is now discharged from the autobus. Raj visits him in hospital and learns King's hideout. The schedule there was wrapped up by late July.

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Mere Khwabon Mein - Sie kämpfen mit Tanz, Gesang und poetischen Worten um ihr Happy End und beweisen, dass Liebe eine starke Kraft sein kann, die Leben verändert.

This article is about the 1994 film. For the 2015 film of the same name, see. Dilwale The Big Hearted is a Indian starring , and. Originally signed for the role of Sapna, but because of her sudden demise, Tandon was selected for the role. It was released on 4 February 1994 and had a runtime of 180 minutes. Dilwale went on to become one of the highest grossing Indian films of 1994. Dilwale The film opens at a , where doctors discuss the strange case of Arun Saxena. His behaviour is very different to all the other mental patients. Arun tries to escape from the hospital, but is stopped just in the nick of time by the doctors. Arun's mother sits in front of a temple everyday with her back turned to God, only vowing to face God when hope comes. Enter Inspector Vikram Singh , a tough no-nonsense hot-headed young honest cop who has been assigned the case of Arun. At first, Vikram refuses thinking he will go mental, but during a visit to Arun, he is touched by seeing his behaviour towards his former flame Sapna, because of whom he became mental. Vikram demands answers as to how a person like Arun could commit a murder. Whilst attending his college's friend birthday party, Arun is love struck when he sees Sapna and immediately falls in love with her, despite her not knowing this. Sapna's evil uncle Mama Thakur has been holding a facade for the last 20 years as his hidden motive is to usurp Sapna's wealth. Arun makes it clear to everyone in the college how much he loves Sapna and will go to any lengths for her when he bashes up Shankar Bihari a goon hired by Mama Thakur to marry Sapna, so that he can get her wealth. Sapna at first, thinks Arun is a flirt, but later confesses her love for Arun after seeing Arun almost commit suicide for her. Shankar sends Jyoti to Arun to go intimate with him. When Sapna sees this, she mistakes this as an affair. Arun reaches Sapna's mansion and clears the confusion, however Mama sees this and tries to attack Arun. Arun stands up to Mama Thakur's fear tactics and installs that fear in Mama. Mama, feeling insulted due to his false pride and ego, sends goons to kill Arun. Arun is tied up and taken home, where he and his mother are assaulted, which sparks Arun into action and he single-handedly beats all of Mama Thakur's goons. Despite receiving death threats, Arun continues to pursue Sapna. Joyti is falsely invited by Mama Thakur to click nude pictures at Arun's house and is murdered. Arun is framed for the murder due to his acquaintance with her. Arun's mum is brutally tortured by Mama Thakur when she comes to visit him in jail. Arun is thus forced to accept the murder in the court. When he pleads falsely guilty, Sapna starts hating him and Arun is unable to take this shock which drives him insane. One final attempt to kill Mama Thakur fails in the court and he is then taken to a mental asylum. Back to the present day, Vikram promises Arun's mum that he will fight for Arun's justice. Vikram slowly becomes a thorn to Mama Thakur's illegal activities. Mama Thakur is in more trouble, because Natwar had secretly clicked pictures of the murder and keeps blackmailing Mama, therefore Natwar is killed by. Arun, whilst running away from a mental hospital van witnesses this. He reaches back to the mental hospital and draws evidence of the murderer in his hospital room wall. Vikram now realizes he has to catch Mama Thakur and starts to gather evidence against him. He also has to protect Arun by giving him accommodation at his home as his life is in danger. Mama Thakur tries to humiliate Vikram after he refuses to accept a bribe, but he and his brother are given a taste of their own medicine when they become smartasses to Vikram. Later, Vikram gets to know that the girl that he loved was actually Sapna, but she is Arun's now. Vikram has to reunite Arun with his love. He painfully makes Ram Singh tell the truth to Sapna as he was present when Arun's mum and him were tortured, but he was helpless due to Mama Thakur's fear and Sapna is very resentful due to the mistake she gravely made. Arun becomes better under Vikram's care. He almost gets killed by the men who killed Natwar after Vikram visited the mansion and told Mama Thakur his days were over. Arun gets an electric shock, however, that shock brings back all his memories and makes him sane again. Arun is now discharged from the hospital. Arun is sentenced to be hanged as soon as he is better, but escapes to reunite with Sapna with Vikram's help. Arun then goes on a brutal vengeance mission and burns almost every godown warehouse of Mama Thakur, which angers the commissioner as he cannot persuade Arun to surrender. Arun then captures Mama Thakur from a police protection van and bashes him up badly. Vikram and Sapna arrive at the scene after Vikram rescues her from Shankar Bihari. All the goons are then killed. Arun's revenge is complete with Mama Thakur dead and Sapna back with him again. Arun's mum and the commissioner arrive at the scene and tell Arun he is innocent as Advocate Sinha became the state witness, otherwise he knows Arun would kill him for the role he played in getting Arun a death sentence. Arun forgives Sinha and because he killed Mama Thakur he has to go to jail. The commissioner promise Arun a short sentence in jail due to the physical and mental stress he has gone through. Vikram drives Arun and Sapna away in his van, secretly putting a brave smile on his face as he loved Sapna,as he sacrificed his own love for happiness of Arun and sapna he justifies the name Dilwale. The soundtrack of the movie was composed by and the lyrics were by. The songs were chartbusters and are still popular today among the masses.